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Condiment Set (Deep Purple/Dark Blue)

Condiment Set (Deep Purple/Dark Blue)


Blown Glass – Hand wash

Flagons (each): 3.5″ D x 5.1″ H
Condiment dishes (each): 3.2″ D x 1.8″ H
Tray: 11.4″ W x 8.7″ H
Weight: 2.1 lbs

Artist: Maricarmen Ellas – The Andes

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Product Description

Classic contours and the rich contrast of deep purple and silver assure the beauty of this condiment set, while the hearty fullness of both the ceramic pieces and the Pewter tray lend a simple rusticity to the work. The delightful interplay of tones and materials is observed in each piece and highlighted on the tray’s handles. A burst of color and style for your table or sideboard. Lead and toxin free. Includes two bottles, two dishes, a pair of pewter spoons and a Pewter tray.


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